Kami wa Game ni Uete Iru.

TV Series Ongoing 13 Episodes 2024 Official Site


* Based on a fantasy light novel series written by Sazane Kei and illustrated by Tomose Toiro.

The ultimate brain game, "Game of the Gods," was created by supreme gods who had too much time on their hands. The first thing Rhese, a former goddess who woke up from her long sleep, declared was, "Bring me the best player in this era!" Fay, a boy who is considered to be "the best rookie in recent years," is the one who was nominated. The "Game of the Gods" that the two challenge is too difficult, and no one has ever completely conquered it in human history. The gods are fickle, unreasonable, and sometimes incomprehensible, and that`s exactly why it`s such a waste if you don`t enjoy playing it with all your heart! The ultimate brain battle against the supreme gods by a genius game boy, a former god girl, and their friends begins here!